About Crowne Hill

Crowne Hill Consulting Group, Inc. has been providing outsourced support, sales & services since 1997.

Crowne Hill Consulting Group provides fast and reliable response to your IT emergencies 24×7 365. Your company needs a reliable and quick responding partner when you experience disruptions Crowne Hill excels at providing a fast response, and is onsite within 2 hours. You want to deal with pros who get the job done right the first time. Our staff of Microsoft trained techs bring that focus right to your office.

When you hire Crowne Hill we work as part of your operations to carry out your objectives. We perform at a high level just like your regular employees. And because we don’t operate a brick and mortar style location ourselves we have a much lower overhead and can convey those savings to you. Add in the fact that you don’t pay health insurance costs, and it becomes clear that the Crowne Hill Consulting Group staff is a cost effective way of providing excellent I.T. support for your business.

Crowne Hill provides regular proactive maintenance that keeps your network in tune to keep uptime is the norm. We are there when you need us for as long as you need us. We also don’t have to carry the whole range of I.T. proficiencies in just one person. At Crowne Hill Consulting Group, we leverage the expertise of the entire staff every time one of us goes out to your location. We don’t spend endless hours researching a standard issue. Our staff has performed these functions successfully hundreds of times before. You can trust Crowne Hill Consulting Group to be there for you when you need us!

Crowne Hill Consulting Group provides premium network solutions at competitive rates. Our unique approach allows us to deliver reliable and innovative solutions at costs that make good business sense. Our many years of experience gives us tremendous expertise in solving common IT problems. From critical application upgrades to managing the technology life cycle, having RipTide Systems as a partner provides an ideal complement to your existing IT resources.

You have a network that needs managing and monitoring. In plain English, we will walk you through the recommended processes for the proper maintenance of your network. Crowne Hill Consulting Group has an advantage over our competitors: We deliver competitively priced one stop shopping services quickly, and with a superior level of customer service. Whether you are looking for advice on mobile computing or expertise in handling the deployment of your new network, we are the right choice for the job. It also means that we are focused on you and your core business. For instance, if we are upgrading your server and workstations, we first compose a project plan to minimize any disruption to your operations. We see technology as your partner in achieving your business objectives.