Hardware & Software Purchase & Installation

At Crowne Hill Consulting Group, we know that you need us to get the most out of existing hardware and software solutions. We take the time to evaluate exactly how your system is set up and functions, so that we can maximize the performance of your current network. But where new hardware and software is truly required, Crowne Hill Consulting Group is there to recommend the right equipment for the job.

We maintain strong relationships with all of the top vendors of hardware and software, including Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco and RIMM. You don’t have time to sort through a group of vendors to pick just the right workstation for that new employee. We have the insight to know, based on your description of the employee’s job, just which machine to purchase for you. We handle the headaches of the purchase, while you get the right machine and software to suit your particular need. Count on Crowne Hill Consulting Group to provide your hardware and software requirements.