Mobile Computing

If working “on the go” is crucial to your company’s success then count on Crowne Hill Consulting Group to configure your mobile computing environment. We have years of experience with every conceivable device and server combination. Once we get you set up, your designated users will be able to do things like receive and answer emails, update calendar, access contacts, and all from on the go and in real time. No more waiting to get back to the office to synchronize your information! What if your assistant adds an appointment to your calendar after you have left the office. With Crowne Hill Consulting Group’s team of computer professionals, you will be able to immediately see that appointment in your smart device. We will configure each device so that your employees don’t lose time and productivity wrestling with technology they don’t understand. What about applications? From geo-navigation software that allows you to track an employee’s exact location in the field to reading and editing documents in the Microsoft Office Suite, your mobile computing solution will be robust and full of the functionality that you require. From the device to the server level, we will get you up to speed with the revolution in mobile computing.