Security Audit

In the case of most businesses, putting off a security plan and the unavoidable disruptions that brings costs a lot more than a security audit. Also, consider this question: If your revenue stream was shut down, how long would your business last? When your business suffers a security breach, the whole organization is affected, and not just the I.T. department. Regardless of where the breach occurred, (the web, the firewall) when the vulnerability is discovered the systems go offline until the problem is diagnosed and fixed.

Like any insurance policy, a security audit is risk-mitigation that helps protect you from a security breach that could cripple your business operations. Without a security protocol in place, it is not a question of if an attack will take place, but of when. Rely on Crowne Hill Consulting Group to run our comprehensive set of diagnostic tools to determine just how secure your network is. We will go in, find the vulnerabilities, and take action to eliminate them. Call Crowne Hill Consulting Group to get a free quote today.