Consider the following advantages to deploying virtual machines:

  • New desktops delivered instantly
  • Near-zero downtime in the event of hardware failures
  • Significant reduction in the cost of new application deployment
  • Normal 2-3 year PC refresh cycle extended to 5-6 years or more
  • Existing desktop-like performance
  • Ability to access the users’ enterprise desktop environment from any PC, (including the employee’s home PC)
  • Multiple desktops on demand
  • Zero downtime in the event of client failure

On the server level, virtual machining is equally impressive, as it saves your company many thousands of dollars on the purchase of additional servers for the network. Also, with California’s high energy costs, virtual machines save money with their low energy consumption. Perhaps the most robust software for virtual machines is VMware. VMware runs on both windows and Mac desktops and servers, and provides these great advantages to your network. Call Crowne Hill Consulting Group today and ask How VMware and virtual machines can work to make your network run cheaper and safer.