Windows & Small Business Server

Are you looking for a file and application sharing technology that is scalable and high performance? Windows Server may be the answer for your network. At Crowne Hill Consulting Group we are intimately acquainted with the workings of Windows Server, as we have installed it for numerous customers. Deploying a new network? Relocating your network? Let us handle all the hassle, from purchasing a server for you, to installing Windows Server, to managing your network infrastructure month to month. We are a single solution to the many variables you face in making choices about your network.

Are you a small business looking to implement Small Business Server? If you have less than 75 users, this Microsoft OS may be just right for you. Small business Server contains Windows Server, but has a package of additional technologies that make it a total technology solution for your small business. These integrated technologies provide you with capabilities such as remote access and an email solution. Crowne Hill Consulting Group can install Small Business Server on your server and show you how all of the features work. Let us install it for you today.